Welcome To Bi Exam Academy

Welcome to the one and only FREE resource for general SAS online training as well as study guides for the SAS Base Certification. My goal is to create the SAS Certification prep guide that I never found but always wanted. This should also be a place to come if you are new to the language but are simply looking for online SAS training. If you have any questions or any requests for additional questions or videos, please Let Me Know!

SAS Guide

SAS Online Training

Ever wondered how to use PROC SQL? Or why it is better than a data step merge? Here is where you can watch videos for some SAS Online Training. Brush up on some skills, learn some new tricks, and become a Super SAS Analyst. As always, let us know if you have additional SAS Training topics you’d like to see.

SAS Base Certification

Ready to go sit for the SAS Base Certification exam and looking for some Base SAS practice problems? We do better than just the question and the answer – we give you SAS Base Certification practice problems and show the log, the data sets, and actual commentary to explain the answer!

SAS Certification Prep

Thinking about SAS Base Certification but you are not sure if you are ready? Here is where you can learn more about the test itself: what to expect, what it will cost, and what it can do for your career! But since, as of early 2013, SAS Base Certifications do not expire, why wouldn’t you get certified?