SAS Base Certification – Question 8

Question 8: This question will ask you to provide a line of missing code.
Given the following data set WORK.SALES:

SalesID  SalesJan  FebSales  MarchAmt
-------  --------  --------  --------
W6790          50       400       350
W7693          25       100       125
W1387           .       300       250

The following SAS program is submitted:

data WORK.QTR1;
   set WORK.SALES;
   array month{3} SalesJan FebSales MarchAmt;
   <insert code here>

Which statement should be inserted to produce the following output?

SalesID  SalesJan  FebSales  MarchAmt  Qtr1
-------  --------  --------  --------  ----
W6790          50       400       350   800
W7693          25       100       125   250
W1387           .       300       250   550


A.	Qtr1 = sum(of month{_ALL_}); 
B.	Qtr1 = month{1} + month{2} + month{3}; 
C.	Qtr1 = sum(of month{*}); 
D.	Qtr1 = sum(of month{3}); 

*The SAS certification sample problem and answer above are sourced from the official SAS sample questions page. All answer logs, data sets, output, and commentary are provided by this blog.

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    Rupesh Chandra Das C Das Aug 07, 2016

    I did not understand the 4 th and 5th arguments how does it work? Can you give me an example? Thank you

      Rupesh Chandra Das C Das Aug 07, 2016

      I mean the explanation is given for this question and He mentioned 5 valid arguments about sum function.

    Linda Aug 23, 2016

    Refer to the Paul Dickman Sum website mentioned in Commentary prior to the 5 arguments! Good Luck


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