Why Certify?


Paul Winters and Michael Tomb already wrote this excellent article detailing how to justify the cost of SAS Certifications to your boss.  Personally, I paid for the cost of the exam out of pocket and then just studied on my own with a book from the library and the few decent sites that are out there with example problems.

Here is how I justified it to myself:

  • Most job descriptions don’t explicitly ask for SAS Certifications (yet).  But if the hiring manager or an interviewer has the credential, then they recognize your level of aptitude in an interview
  • It shows a desire to learn (to current or future boss)
  • Studying for the exam did help me learn some new coding techniques which I could apply to my current job
  • As of early 2013, SAS Certifications do not expire

Plus, it’s just a nice feather in the cap.  But if you can get your employer to front the cost, why wouldn’t you get certified?